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Galway Bay FM Case Stuy

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Galway Bay FM, an independent local Irish Radio Station, join forces with Sharp Stream to being the companies first fully integrated Irish partner. 

Established in 1989, the Irish station's format is a mixture of music, news, sport, current affairs and the local Galway issues. The station also covers the whole city including the County of Galway

As part of the portal, Galway Bay FM also are one of our partners to take advantage of our content monetisation platform. This platform provides the use of specific ad partners which will allow the content to be monetised on every platform.

The platform itself, is an extensible part of our platform that will enable Galway Bay FM to generate revenue from their content by managing precise ad insertion into any digital audio content.

The Ad Insertion solution works seamlessly, offering end-to-end advertising solutions for digital audio publishers.

If you would like more information on our Ad Text technology, or any information on how we can help your audio streaming services. Please get in touch with us on:

0800 999 2468